Cardboard Regatta 2017! Chilly Guilrock Wind & Water made for LOTS OF FUN!!
hotbots 1st,
OUR Centerfield BATBOAT 2nd, and MOANA 3rd! Celeste/ MOANA BOAT got FASTEST QUALIFYING! 

LOCK-IN WAS GREAT! 21 teens gave up something DEAR to them, and "famined" it!
Famine It! Get Closer to God!  IHOP at 5am was DA BOMB! SO WHAT it rained? SO WHAT the ceiling leaked?
 Missed the fun? Wanna catch our next MAJOR event?   SCROLL DOWN...
 CArdBoard Regatta MAy 6th! 930am Camp Guilrock! COME ON! Cardboard boat races...
we are building boats THIS SUNDAY night Summerfield UMC 5pm.
 FOUNDER's DAY! Come out and enjoy it, and find our tent! May 13-14th.
Sign up on SIgnup Genius, this website, to help!
Year 3, and going STRONG! We miss you Cal!!
This year, we are on the X2VOL site, and YOU will be able to:
-strengthen relationships 
>< EARN service hours toward graduation 
>< LEARN skills
><STAY at BEAUTIFUL Camp Guilrock! It's been renovated since last year, and we are building a Chapel there this year!  SIGN UP NOW!
We place 100 % DEVOTION to the WELL BEING OF ALL TEENS, in ALL facets, and walks of life! 
!WELCOME PEOPLE...we're glad you're here!
Our enthusiastic Youth Pastor, Keith Bradley, has been working with youth for 10 years, been here at Centerfield since June 2014, and taught children with special needs in public/private school for 12 years. Dude is WIDE OPEN, All The Time!!
CenterField puts great emphasis on faith, relationships with GOD and people, fellowship, and mission projects within our community!

Everyone is welcome at CenterField Youth! We would love to have you explore your spiritual journey with us! We alternate churches for weekly meetings on Sunday evenings (5:00-7:00pm.) It's a fun place to grow closer to Jesus Christ, and find out about HIM through "real talk" with Keith, and the great/wild trips he takes us on! The first and third Sundays of each month, we meet at Summerfield UMC. Center UMC hosts the meetings on the second and fourth Sundays. Each month with a fifth Sunday, we offer a fun event. Be sure to keep an eye on the calendar for special events that may alter our typical schedule. Please navigate through our website to see what we've been doing and the upcoming plans. Hope to see you soon!
Jesus said, "I am the WAY and the TRUTH and the LIFE". John 14:6

TALK to: youth pastor, preacher, teacher, school

counselors, PARENTS, trusted
friends,scoutmaster, ...just don't keep
your troubles
Trust JESUS!
Get Real for Real

Get Real Power

Get Real Worship

Get Real Friends & Faith

Get Real Life


Sponsored by: CENTER UMC
6142 Lake Brandt Rd
Greensboro NC 27455

Sunday Services: 9:00 and 11:00

with Sunday School @ 10:00
2334 Scalesville Rd
Summerfield NC 27358

Sunday School @ 10:00

Worship @ 10:55